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New Textiles Club

We have a new textiles club which meets on Tuesday evenings. Members have been bringing along a range of projects they’re working on from bow ties to lampshades and lots of... read more

Woodworking projects

Lance is busy working on a commission for Redoubt Fortress making a display piece for their museum. Here are some of the previous projects he’s made at Build Brighton.... read more

RFID Project

Neil has been working on a new RFID system and has been showing Jon and Justin how to use it. We already have Arthur’s amazing door system, so this will add to what can be controlled by RFIDs in the space. The price of RFID technology has come down... read more

New Virtual Reality Group

We have a new Virtual Reality group forming, starting with Poppy’s VR Scanner project and Anthony’s Dragon’s Fire Flying game. The aim is to make a scanner using dozens of raspberry pi cameras, to be used at the University of Brighton. We have £1000... read more

Beautiful Bowl Making

Here is one of the beautiful bowls Stewart made on the wood turning lathe from giant burls Sam brought in from his work as a tree... read more

Japanese robot makers visit Build Brighton

The people from PLEN Project came and showed us how to make their mini humanoid robot, the PLEN 2. And their original robot came along to show what it will be capable of. It was fun getting it to roller skate and pick up a... read more

MozFest 2015

A group of us from BuildBrighton had a fun weekend at MozFest learning about the open web, Raspberry Pis and other cool... read more

Mini Maker Faire

We had a buzzing stall at the Brighton Mini Maker this year, with the Nao robot doing tai-chi next to Paul’s 3D printer, that was busily working away.

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