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Email us at [email protected], use the contact form below or come and visit us on an Open Evening. Please be aware, we are a club and all our tasks are done by members, as volunteers, so the speed of replies is not consistent.

Our phone line goes straight to the workshop, and is rarely answered. Please don’t use this for enquiries, because any member could pick it up and feel obliged to answer questions. Our other communication methods, above, mean the appropriate person can deal with your enquiry. The phone in the space is mainly for members safety and convenience and the number is 01273 603516.

Except for open evenings, please don’t just turn up and ring the bell or knock the door because this disturbs our neighbours. It has been brought to our attention that some websites say we are open 24/7 but we are updating this on sites that we are aware of because this does not apply for the public or members who are not yet key-holders.

If you are a visitor, please come to an open evening (see Calendar) or contact us to see if it is possible to arrange a visit at another time.

If you are non-key-holder member, please use Slack to find out when other members are there or are planning to go.

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Got a Question?

If you want to contact the group as a whole the best way is to join our Google Group.

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FAQs coming soon

Finding Us

Our workshop is on Freehold Terrace, a few minutes walk from the big Sainsbury’s on Lewes Road.

Build Brighton
Rodhus Studios (back entrance)
Freehold Terrace

We’re part of the Rodhus Studios complex but our entrance is round the back on Freehold Terrace, not Hollingdean Road. The door is set into a metal shutter, with a robot shape buzzer on the side. Press this buzzer labelled “Build Brighton” to be let in during an open evening.