We just can’t get enough maker-action around here. After the Brighton Mini Maker Faire finished up last year, the makers and team headed down to the pub to unwind after a hectic day of crafting and tinkering, to have a chat with fellow makers and enjoy a barn-storming evening of live performances at Play! The Brighton Mini Maker Faire After Party

Thomas Truax at last year's after party

Following last year’s sell-out show, this year the after party for the Brighton Mini Maker Faire is back with more maker-musicians, electro-tinged DJs, digital sound artists and all manner of interactive installations, electronic gizmos and shiny, noisy, whizzy and whirring things at The Brighton Mini Maker Faire: After Dark.

And this year, the party’s going to be much bigger, so that you the public can attend, too. It’s happening in the Brighton Dome Foyer Bar (the same venue as the Maker Faire itself), and will feature performances from a host of fabulous maker-musicians.

Kicking off with a performance by Ben Newland and his Nomadic Sound System – a family of portable speakers designed to explore new ways for sound to interact with people and space, our other special guests include: Matt Josling, who’ll be performing some vintage techno on his Monophonic Midi Machine; London Music Hackspace, who’re keeping details of their anarchic show closely under wraps; Henry Holmes, whose Dreamscape 1994 show blends analogue ambience with digital visuals influenced by DOS graphics and the early years of CGI; and 55th Flotilla, bringing their trademark nautical techno… plus a new performance involving musical pillows.

If that isn’t enough, we’ve also got a bunch of interactive exhibits for you to get your hands on. You can try out a game of 1D Pong (not sure how Pong can be played in one dimension? Come along and find out!), and we’ve even managed to get our grubby paws on some super-special advance Makey Makey kits, which turn any conductible device into a computer controller. We’re still thinking up some awesome things we can do with them, but rest assured it will probably involve bananas.

Plus, David Cranmer, aka Nervous Squirrel, will be bringing along some of his fabulous animal-themed musical contraptions, and we’ll be screening short films by digital video artists throughout the night. Phew!

We’ve got plenty more performers and installations to add to the bill in the run-up to the Brighton Mini Maker Faire – keep an eye on the Party! page for more announcements as they come in.

Oh, and did I mention entry is free for all Brighton Mini Maker Faire exhibitors and volunteers?

See you there!

Venue and tickets info

Saturday 8th September 2012
8pm – Midnight
Brighton Dome Foyer Bar
Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1UG
Tickets (£4 advance) Available from: http://makerfairebrighton-afterdark.eventbrite.com

NOTE: This event is free to Maker Faire exhibitors and volunteers. Your Maker Faire lanyrd will grant you free entry to the after party.