Saturday 3rd September, Brighton Dome

11.04am We’re just over one hour into the first Brighton Maker Faire, and already it’s a hive of activity out there. People are flooding through the doors and throwing themselves into all of the activities on offer – once they’ve managed to escape the various mischievous robots accosting them at the door! The best thing has to be the little awestruck faces of kids (and big kids), spellbound by what must seem like magic to them.

Right now, a spontaneous mission is underway on Jane Bom-Bane’s stand, to create a ‘Mini Mini Maker Faire’ as part of the collaborative mechanical hat that’s being built during the day. Andrew is roping in various makers to create bits of it and Amy has made a tiny string of Maker Faire bunting. Photos to follow when it’s finished. Meanwhile, the first batch of snaps from the event can be found over on the Facebook Page.

1.09pm It’s madness out there. In a good way. The word seems to have spread across Brighton that Maker Faire is the place to be today. We’re chuffed to have the team from BBC Click on site, interviewing organisers and makers – here’s Bill Thomson with Will Segerman and his big gun – one of the more popular items on his stand, especially with the boys.

We’ve been loving all the excitable feedback on Twitter – follow the hashtag #bmmf to tune in to all the Brighton Mini Maker Faire buzz. And do tell us what you’re up to if you’re here.

3.07pm Wherever you are in the Dome, there’s a cacophony of sound from the various musical inventions that are here. We’ve got the subsonic submarine, the blipbox, water chimes, tape loops, the stringless ukelele, Jane Bom-Bane’s harmonium and all sorts of other noisy inventions. That combined with the constant excitable chatter is giving an everso slightly chaotic backdrop to Maker Faire, which we totally love. Here’s Jane Bom-Bane giving an impromptu rendition, as a taster for her after party performance later tonight:

4.28pm We’re into the last half hour and still the crowds are flooding in. Soon it will be time to pack up and bid farewell to what’s been a brilliant and bonkers day, beyond expectation.

We’d love to hear your tales from Brighton Mini Maker Faire, so please leave a comment here on the blog, tweet us or post something on our Facebook wall. We’ll have a write up for you in the next couple of days – and don’t forget to listen out for Maker Faire coverage on BBC Click in the near future.

Meanwhile, here’s an completely unedited video tour of the event: