Inspired by the Mini Maker Faire I nipped down to Brighton this evening to check out the open evening that Build Brighton run on Thursdays.
I called in on Adam who lives 3 doors down from the BB. workshop, and then spent an hour and a half chatting about autonomous control vehicles, CNC. Drills, 3D printers and such like.
The hackspace has room to sit and drink tea, or crack on with the lathe, and MIG. Welder, or laser cutter.
When I got home I had a quick brainstorm of all the projects littering my basement that I could finish, and think I’ll maybe start with the Jansen walker… I think there may even be a couple of folk interested in lock picking…
I’ll nip along for a couple more. Thursday’s and if it sticks I’ll join up for the year… Cheaper than the gym, and probably better for me.