Over at BuildBrighton, we’re working on putting together a make-your-own-MIDI-instrument workshop to teach people the core basics of MIDI messaging and how to send and receive MIDI commands. As part of the workshop, we’ll be providing all attendees with an Arduino shield with some buttons, LEDs, volume/pitch bend pot and more. 

As the workshop is just a few weeks away (on Saturday 23rd June) we’ve got some boards to make up!
Which means the nerd session or two is going to be taken up etching and drilling PCBs.

Using a mixture of press-n-peel blue and the cheap Chinese alternative, we’ve managed to toner transfer about 20 boards.

After a marathon etching session (about three hours!) here are no less than sixteen boards (the final three boards were still etching when this photo was taken)

All we need now are some spanky cool looking stickers (for the component side) from Robot Steve then we can drill and populate the boards next Thursday night.