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New Textiles Club

We have a new textiles club which meets on Tuesday evenings. Members have been bringing along a range of projects they’re working on from bow ties to lampshades…

Glastonbury Festival 2015

The elephant robot was back at Glastonbury Festival this year with BuildBrighton members Jan and Poppy.

We have moved! We’re a 24×7 hackspace now!

We have moved! Yes, after 2 years of searching, the Build Brighton Hackspace now has a 24×7, 1300sqft workshop in Brighton, with a friendly landlord, in an amazing…

Sinclair night poster

Retro Computing 2: Sinclair Night

Back in March we ran a Retro Computing Night, with only a few days notice we had a massive response and our biggest turnout for a Thursday night…

Relay Board Parts List

Here is the parts list for the relay board, since I forgot to include it in my last post.

1 × 9480021 Relay
2 × 9341102 1K Resistor
1 × 9339060 10K Resistor
1 × 9565124 Diode 1N4148
1 × 9558420 NPN Transistor 2N3904ZL1G
1 × 1142502 3mm LED
1 × …