Frequently Asked Questions


I’m interested in joining. Do I need to visit first?
Yes, come along to an open evening which happens on Thursdays from 8pm, so that you can understand how we work and check it’s what you are looking for.

I have a one-off project to complete this week. Can I join and use the space immediately?
Sorry, Build Brighton isn’t set up for quick access or short-term membership. Once you’ve been to an open evening and understand how we work, you can join online and become a member straight away, but becoming a trusted member with a key takes a while. Until you have a key, access is on open evenings or when a keyholder is in the space and willing to let you.

Some of the tools in the workshop require an induction. The time it takes to arrange them depends on when a member who can do the relevant induction is available.

The Eagle Lab on London Road might be more suitable for this type of project.

I’m a new member, how do I get access to the space?
Thursday evenings are a good time for getting access to space because members are there for the open evening.

You can also use the General channel on Slack to say when you would like to go and ask if there’s anyone going who could let you in.

Sometimes members volunteer to go to the space, specifically to help new members have access. This will be advertised on the General or New Members channel on Slack.

What is Slack?
Slack is our collaborative network for the group and individual messaging. When you join Build Brighton, you are sent a link to join our Slack group in the welcome email. It can be used from a web browser or with their free app.

How do I get a key?
Once you’ve joined, it takes a while before you can become a trusted member with a key. We need to get to know you and feel confident that you will use the space safely, contribute to cleaning etc.

The steps involved in getting a key are:

Spend time at Build Brighton and get known as someone who respects the ethos and leaves the space tidy
Email the trustees asking to become a trusted member
Arrange a key holders induction, through the New Members Channel on Slack
Once marked as a trusted member, pay the £10 key deposit on the Build Brighton Members System (BBMS)
Set up the key fob with a trustee or assigned member

Please note: Trusted status can be revoked.

What are the opening hours? Is it possible to get access to the workshop at weekends?
We don’t have opening hours, except for our open evenings on Thursdays from 8pm. It is possible to gain access to the workshop at weekends, but until you become a trusted member which takes a bit of time, access is dependent on another member being present and willing to let you in.

Once you are a trusted member you can pay a deposit to become a keyholder and then access is 24/7 subject to reality e.g. the door entry system working.


A list of our tools can be found on the About Us page.

Can I pay to use the laser cutter/ 3D printer without becoming a member?
No, if you would like to use the facilities you need to become a member. We’re a not-for-profit club and the membership fees cover our rent and utility bills. For insurance purposes, all our equipment can only be used by members or people on one of our workshops.

Can someone do the laser cutting/3D printing for me?
Sorry, we don’t offer a laser cutting or 3D printing service. The Eagle Lab on London Road may be able to help.

Can I use the tools on an open day?
Most of our equipment is just for members to use unless we’re running an event that uses them. If you bring a project to work on during an open evening it may be possible to use basic tools for electronics or simple crafts, but the machinist’s area where the woodwork, metalwork, and welding etc. happens is members only.

If you would like to join, you will gain access to the tools, subject to inductions where necessary and some tools have extra charges.

How do I find you?
Our workshop is on Freehold Terrace, a few minute’s walk from the big Sainsbury’s on Lewes Road. We’re part of the Rodhus Studios complex but our entrance is around the back on Freehold Terrace, not Hollingdean Road. The door is set into a metal shutter, with a robot shape buzzer on the side. Press this buzzer labeled “Build Brighton” to be let in during an open evening. There is a map on the Contact page of this website.

Can I store things in the space?
Each member can claim up to 19 liters of member storage. This can be one 19L box or a combination of 4L and 9L boxes. Each individual box requires a £5 deposit.

Larger items can be sometimes be stored in the space for up to a month, with permission from members. Before storing large items, write a request on the member’s Google Group/Slack Channel and attach a completed ‘Do Not Hack’ label with the date when it will be removed.

Flammable items belonging to members cannot be stored at Build Brighton.

Any items left without a ‘Do Not Hack’ label on them may be removed.

All items are left at the owner’s risk.