When I posted last night I said I had a lot of half started projects lying around the house… I grabbed the camera and took a snap of those within arms reach in my underground batcave office… there are many many more things in the loft, and the garden, and scattered elsewhere.. this is just a taste.

steam powered walking robot

flash cotton fireball gun

Heinzmann hub for electric bike project

pneumatic axe featherweight robot

speed controller rat nest from featherweight robot

laser cut Jansen walker

old lynx motion arm and antweight robot

curtis speed controllers

4QD speed controllers… and stuff

Mindstorms self levelling robot

1 Watt guitar tube amp

high power cabling

low pressure pneumatics

antweight chassis 


meaty 16 bar pneumatics

Bosch 750’s and such like

Norgren 16bar ram, and 10 bar jobbie

IR robot

Shape memory allow tentacle, Altoid protoyping board etc

off road chassis

Raspberry (Apple) Pi

VIC 20

4QD speed controllers

potato cannon