Brighton Mini Maker Faire is about all kinds of makes and makers. Last week we heard from Jay Kendall about her experience of running a felting workshop at the 2011 event; now here’s a guest post from someone whose creations are very different. Malcolm Napier brought along his 3d RepRap printer in 2011, and shares some thoughts here about how the day went for him. If you’re a maker too and are inspired by Malcolm’s experiences, you can sign up for this year’s event here. Applications close on 20th June.

What made you want to do Brighton Maker Faire?

We signed up as exhibitors at BMMF because we wanted to show people how cool ultra low cost additive manufacturing (the posh name for our RepRap 3d printer) really is. At that time we were a father and daughter maker team. It was only our third public demonstration and we were wondering where 3d printing might take us.

How did it go?

We must have got something right, because we were so busy that we didn’t get a chance to look at any other exhibits. Indeed we relied on the BMMF support staff bringing us water as we didn’t have time to leave the stand. We had to co-opt some friends as extra demonstrators.

What the best thing was about the day?

There were loads of great things about last year’s BMMF:

1) Hooking up with Daniel and Cameron from Moving Brands and their Hand:Made project. We printed out some of the things that people designed using Hand:Drawn for them to take away. We were so busy that we hardly had time to speak to Daniel and Cameron – even though we were on adjacent stands. When we finally get round to meeting up with them for a catch up, we ended up working with them to do some 3d printing of chocolate. See and for what transpired (all because of BMMF).

2) Having so many people so interested in what we were up to. Not having a break from 08:15 to 17:00 because it seemed that everyone in the building wanted to know about our 3d printers

3) The kids on the street outside when we were heading off. When we packed up I went off to get the car and Hannah stood outside the Dome with our printers on the pavement. A family walked past and one of the youngsters said “Daddy. Look! There’s a 3d printer. They are really cool. You can make all sorts of stuff with them.” Result!

4) Making new friends  – Glen Searle, Mike Pountney, Simon and the guys from Moving Brands to name but a few – and meeting old ones – particularly MiketheBee (who came to say hello and ended up manning the stand with us because we were so busy) and Ryan (who became sufficiently inspired to found the Reading Hackpsace)

Why should other makers apply for Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2012?

All makers should think seriously about going to BMMF this year. It is the best opportunity in the South East to meet up loads of like-minded people, the vast majority of whom will be very interested in what you are making.

You can find out more about Malcolm’s making at: