Christmas has been and gone and while we had lots of exciting geeky presents here at Nerd Towers, we’ve not actually had much time for nerding around (though plenty of time to scoff mince pies and leftover turkey). Some people say they prefer New Year to Christmas (Xmas is a time for family, New Year a time for friends and all that). So how did you see in the New Year?

Did you get away to an amazing all night party before walking home with just one shoe in at 4am? Or perhaps you had a quiet night in with Jools Holland’s Hootenanny? Or maybe you were up until the wee small hours soldering about 50 audio player pcbs for an alarm clock project that’s already running past the delivery deadline? Yup, we were too.

The Daily Mirror was left behind by a relative after Xmas. Please don’t judge us!

Check out that festive tablecloth!