I’ve cut some temporary “solar panels” out of MDF until I can get round to cutting some aluminium, or maybe some of lexan I have littering my cellar.
Anyway, primer coat has been applied, sanded, and a second coat added… I might spray them with a top coat tomorrow, simply because I’m keen to see some progress. I remember having the same issues with the hemispheres, there’s just so many of them, each that requires filling, sanding, priming, undercoating, top coating, finishing etc…

I also ordered up some indicator units for a LandRover Defender which are the same pattern as the ones used in the 70’s Daleks, which I think my Dalek most closely matches.
I had to cut slightly bigger holes in the side of the head to accomodate.

That’s about it, neck building next….I’m bidding on a new Dalek Voice changer helmet which seems a very cheap way of getting hold of ring modulator style electronics. 29 minutes to go!