It’s been a while but we gave the old laser cutter a dusting down this evening and set it to work, trying out some ideas for our Dreadball board game.

Funky foam is a great spongy material for supporting our playing squares – only when it’s cut on the laser, the cuts are quite wide, even at full speed (60mm/sec) and at low power (less than 3mA).

Despite this, we managed to get a usable frame from the foam, with pieces just 1mm-2mm wide:

We couldn’t find any clear acrylic for this test (the final idea is to cover one side with a black sticker then laser shapes out of it to allow the LED to shine through from underneath). But we did find some rather fetching semi-translucent red

This sits over the funky foam just right!

The completed assembly (minus internal electronics). Although it’s just a prototype, it’s looking pretty nice.

The next step is to wire up some buttons and LEDs and give it a try!