In Brief

So, I attended my first hack day at Westminster City Hall. It centred around building apps and creating solutions that would enable homeless charities to engage more effectively with their clients, improve digital inclusion for homeless people or raise awareness of homelessness and rough sleeping in the UK.

I went with the idea of developing an app that would take a gendered approach and help vulnerable homeless women but was quickly assimilated into another team. We developed a mobile app that was designed to make homeless charity's staff's lives easier and work simpler. You can find our team's prototype here and presentation here.

Some notes for my future self:

  • Work with a stack you're familiar with (trying to learn a new one on the day can slow things down).
  • Don't be afraid to pursue your own idea.
  • It's okay for prototypes to be a little rough around the edges!

I definitely intend on attending more of these events.