As part of the BuildBrighton/Element14 challenge, I’m working with Ben to build a range of input devices for a Phonic-based learning tool.

The one we’re concentrating on first is a project that was started almost nine months ago (on paper at least!) and is something that Ben has had in mind for longer than that! The basic premise is that we will build something into which a number of cubes can be placed, and the device will know
a) which cube is placed in which location
b) which face of the cube is facing up (or down and the opposite face inferred)
c) the orientation of the cube (which way it is “twisted” N/S/E/W)

While the project system at Element14 is used for the entire project, this blog is really to allow us to explain in much more detail about how the actual cube/dice reader part works, complete with build instructions and photos of development.