After a good 12 months since I bought a galvo set, controller and laser diode, a start has finally been made on the enclosure for housing it all. This has been partially spurred on by possible projects to present at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire.

An evening at the pub with fellow nerds ended up with the idea of a text-based adventure game, projected on the wall of the Brighton Dome with lasers. The idea being that people text in commands in order to progress the game. Before any progress can be made on this of cause I need a proper enclosure for the laser and galvo’s. What with now having access to a laser cutter, and having a pile of 5mm acrylic I decided this was a good time.

Step 1 – I have set out the footprint for each component. There is a footprint and 2nd dimension for each part.

Most of the parts are set to be cut in 5mm white acrylic, with a couple of them in 3mm (specifically the adjustment platform for the laser diode). Next step will be to create the box layout for it and fit in all the components.

The only concern with the design so far is the servo drivers – they get really really hot. To help with this, I have added a couple of 40mm fans.

Fun with lasers!