Before we start introducing some of the amazing line-up of makers that will be making the day special, we wanted to bring a little attention to some of the folk that are making the event happen, either by supplying us with services or good ol’ cash. Without them we couldn’t make the day happen, so it’s only fair to let them give you an idea of why they want to support the event!

So, over to Rowan Stanfield, the Creative Director of Content & Motion Рan Online PR and Social Media agency based in Lewes Рwho have been donating lots of time and energy to publicising the event and generally making sure our voice is heard in your favourite social media playgrounds, various online and print publications, and even got us on BBC Radio:

“Having heard all about Maker Faire from my better half and co-organiser of the event, Ant Miller, I was very keen to get involved. Others were quick to follow when they realised that there was going to be a lot of geekery and tinkering involved. And maybe even some Lego. We love Lego.”

So do we. [hint hint, Lego folk ;]

Thanks guys!