Helping new customers of all agesBrighton Mini Maker Faire is only made possible by the community of visitors, volunteers, makers and sponsors that support us. We’re particularly grateful to our early-stage sponsors; people who enable us to do important things like securing a venue, which we have to many months in advance of the event. Without our sponsors, there wouldn’t be a Brighton Mini Maker Faire in 2013. So we’re super-happy to have our friends at Create supporting us again. They had a great time in 2012 and they’re back for more. Over to Becky to explain more…

Create.Create had an incredible time sponsoring and exhibiting at Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2012. Seeing so much creativity, craftsmanship and innovation in one building left our team really inspired. We’re hugely looking forward to getting involved this year.

What we love about the Faire is that it brings together a huge group of people from all over the country to really show off what inventiveness and ingenuity Britain has to offer. Our economy lies in the hands of those willing to create original and exciting solutions to everyday problems, and as a company that works to support anyone who wants to turn a special interest into a viable online business, sponsoring the Faire gives us the opportunity to spread that support to a vibrant community of homemade businesses just waiting to happen.

Of course, sponsoring Brighton Mini Maker Faire doesn’t just mean you get to support local makers and geniuses in what they do, but you also get to bring something unique to what’s already a pretty unique selection. We won’t give anything away just yet, but what we’ve got planned will be interactive, fun and memorable.

Create looks forward to sponsoring Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013 and meeting you at the event. Be sure to pop by, say hello and come see what we do.