When start-up social micropayment company Flattr got in touch with us about how they could help us with the Maker Faire, we were immediately struck with how innovative their service was, and were keen to get them involved. Since their initial contact, Flattr have been kind enough to become a major sponsor of the Maker Faire, and in addition are offering the ability for you to directly ‘flattr’ the makers at our event.

Zsofi from Flattr says:

“Some of the most creative and cool things in life are not made to make money (as BMMF makers know all too well), but having a little money certainly helps. Flattr is a great way to earn a little from something you do for fun, and it’s a way for the wider public to show their appreciation for the maker. People sometimes call it ‘social micropayments’.

The concept of Flattr is simple. Users pay a monthly fee that is equally divided based on how many things they have chosen to flattr that month. There are no price tags, and giving money and recognition is just one button click away.

It’s most commonly used on blogs and websites but with QR codes any physical object can be flattred: makers at BMMF, street art, and even yourself, if you put your Flattr QR code on a T-shirt or business card.

You can flattr makers before or after the Faire (just look for the friendly green button), and at the event using QR codes. Flattr iPhone app works best on the spot.

You’ll find more info and can sign up at http://flattr.com