For many makers, getting their creations into the hands of others is part of the fun – whether that be at an event like Maker Faire or by selling the things they make.

Online marketplaces have become vital hubs for many makers – a way to reach buyers, but also as a focal point for the maker community. So we were super-happy when Folksy, the UK marketplace for ‘handmade things’ agreed to support Brighton Mini Maker Faire by becoming sponsors. We were even happier when they launched a competition to collaborate on a Folksy artwork to display on the day. We asked them to say hello here and tell us a little about themselves. So over to you James.

Crafting things is what is about and we’re excited to be involved in celebrating making things, be that arduino based simple robotics to more traditional craft. Since exhibiting at the first Maker Faire in Newcastle we’ve seen the interest in making things grow and more and more people experiment with soft and hard materials to make things. Matthew Crawford has cogently argued that in our post-industrial service based economies we’ve lost our relationship with craft and as a result we have degraded our lives to be less satisfying and fulfilling. Maker Faire is a good re-dress to this. It’s about exciting people in making, re-awakening that enjoyment we felt when we made our first sir fix model, lego structure, meccano car or knitted pom pom hat.

Whilst Folksy is mainly “soft craft”, we do have plenty of people using wood and metals and even experimenting with electronics. Here are some of our office favourites from today (Mon 16th).

Pink Multi Crocheted Headphones

Large image

Oak & Brass Magnifying Glass

Large image

Noise Hero – Lofi Electronic Noise Maker

Large image

Over 8,000 crafters sell the things they have made using Folksy and we’ve sold over one million pounds worth of merchandise in the last twelve months and with growth of around 230% year on year we’re confident that the enthusiasm seen at Maker Faire will ripple out to a wider audience and more inventive cottage industries will develop.

We’ll be hoping to let people play with a few crafts at our space in the faire and showcase some of the work of crafters selling and making through

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