I first came across Revolution Education when we were planning kits for our Noise Toys workshop back in May – the Luna Mod kit in Make: 26 was based around their PICAXE microcontroller. The kit went down a storm (in fact, we’ll have them available to make at the Soldering Workshop), and in the process we discovered what a straightforward and simple microcontroller programming environment they had created.

The PICAXE microcontrollers are designed to be the brain of your electonic project. Originally designed as an educational system for schools, the PICAXE system has now also been widely adopted by hundreds of thousands of ‘hobbyists’ due to its ease of use. Each year thousands of secondary school students are also introduced to electronics and microcontrollers via building a PICAXE project. They’re popular because they are very low-cost, and simple to program using free, easy-to-learn software.

We’re very pleased to announce that once we let them know that we were planning a Maker Faire in the south of the UK, they were immediately keen to provide us with financial support to make it happen – and some equipment to make it easy for us to show you how to program the PICAXEs (and Luna Mods!) yourself.

Revolution Education’s Clive Seager has these words to say about the Maker Faire: “We are always delighted to see the wide range of interesting projects that people build using our PICAXE microcontrollers, from simpler projects using the 8 pin PICAXE-08M2 up to far more complex designs using the 40 pin PICAXE-40X2. The Maker Faire is a great way to share ingenuity and we are proud to sponsor and support this type of event.”

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