I met the folks from sugru at Maker Faire in Newcastle a few months back. Manning a stall constructed entirely from cardboard boxes (and sugru, no doubt), they were possibly the most enthusiastic people I met over the entire weekend. And that was a weekend full to bursting with enthusiastic people. So I was chuffed to bits when they agreed to support us here in Brighton. Make sure you check out their stall and say hello. Over to Jane, to say a few words.

Having been part of the Maker Faire in Newcastle and the mother of all Maker Faires in California for the last two years – we are raving fans of all things MF here at sugru.

The energy, creativity and enthusiasm that comes alive there is so contagious – people just can’t help but be curious and inspired. We’ve met people who build bikes from old scrap metal, others who make custom manual keyboards, a guy who made a huge model ship from toothpicks, others who make their own skateboards and computers and one woman that knits swim suits!

sugru is all about taking a DIY attitude to life, repairing, hacking and improving the things we live with to make them work better for us, and Maker Faire people are natural hackers and repairers, so it’s a very natural and fun fit !

We’re absolutely delighted to be able to support the UK’s first Mini Maker Faire, and we’ll be bringing along some sugru on Saturday for everyone to see and try out for themselves.

If you need an intro before Saturday then check us out at sugru.com!