Had a little bit of a laser session yesterday, and finished the prototype for the enclosure for the new laser. All’s looking pretty good but it turned out there were a few flaws in the positioning of some of the components.

also, cutting from 5mm caused the small holes to taper a lot. So all hones have been upped by 0.25mm for the final cut – for which the acrylic turned up today.

 The bottom piece cut from 5mm plain acrylic with power supply, laser driver and galvo’s.
 Rear panel with parts added.
Back of the rear panel. It was a bit of a squeeze to get the laser interlock key in there. Designs have been revised for the final cut.
 Top panel with grills for the 2 40mm fans to cool the servo drivers.
Underside of the top panel. 
The bottom and back panels mounted as they will be in the final design.
 The laser cutter working hard to prep the side panels and internal parts.
 The top of the servo driver support being cut.
Everything but the front panel assembled, with most components. The side panel is on the wrong side. 
A tight squeeze in the enclosure. Hopefully there won’t be any overheating issues.
Servo driver holder. The top support is too close to the transistors on the 2 large heatsinks. Also the vertical support makes the entire assembly go off to one side due to the cut.
Vertical support for the laser driver. This ended up going straight into the back of the ILDA ports, so will have to be moved to the edge of the laser driver for the final cut.
The foll box assembled.  
And from the front.
There are no pictures of the laser diode it’s self as the whole assembly for this did not work. It didn’t fit the laser and it didn’t fir the case. I have made a lot of changes to this for the final cut and given it a little more space in the enclosure.