(Well, Hove Actually). In fact, it’s been a busy couple of months and we’ve not really had time to do much nerding about. What with travelling the length of the country and back a few times in March, to find somewhere to live, then again to actually make the move in early April – and again a week ago to bring down the laser cutter, cnc, tools and nerd-gear, it feels like the last two months have been spent either in or travelling between various motorway service stations along the M6/M40!

But the great news is that we’re slowing getting sorted and bringing all our tools and equipment out of storage. Which means it won’t be long and we’ll be back to making cool stuff again.
The haXe game development has been coming along, but was really just a time filler while we were “between homes”. It’s not gone to waste – we’re hoping to integrate this with different electronics-based ideas over the coming weeks and months and make some homebrew hacked-up mash-up projects to show off on this very site!

As ever, the projects posted here will be a mish-mash of different ideas, started, then abandoned, then picked up again weeks later. It’s a clumsy way of working – but means that we’re always working on exciting new stuff, rather than getting bogged down with seeing a project through to the very end!

After a brilliant re-union with the cool kids at the BuildBrighton hackspace, we’re already off on (yet) another project: A Homebrew Digital Scalectrix Controller…