This is the new chassis for our next featherweight project. It’s 50×25 2mm ERW . The lumps on the inside are the gearbox cages from 4 cordless drill motors, there’s a copper bush through the chassis and the shaft is circlipped on the wheel side. If I can be bothered I’ll gas weld some tiny nuts to the cages to mount the motors.. if not then I’ll araldite the cut down plastic cases.
I have 4x12v motors to run this, and it’s a bit of a toss up whether I run them at 24v using a pair of NCC 35 24v’s OR the simpler, but maybe less brutal electronise option. I like the idea of the electronise, as we could then run trhe whole thing at say 16v, whilst still keeping all the components inside the central box… all under 80mm high. However the ncc’s would certainly make the wheels squeal better, and I have some 100mm wheel options that would make it caper about at an alarming rate. The whole idea of this build is to be as simple and robust as can be.. if a motor burns out I can easily get another from FOCUS DIY, the chasis is a solid as can be, and will be even tougher when I plate the top with sheet steel, and weld on the side bars. I even have a stainless outer coat to go over it if needed.

Just need to get another Supernova to quick charge the battery packs.