Just prior to printing and cutting our newly designed poker cards for our non-RFID poker table, Nick from Custom Stuff contacted us with another (better) idea.

The face cards were ready to print, but the black outlined circles got in the way, if we want to use traditional playing card faces (we weren’t too fussed and were going to use our own images, but went with “standard” just to keep things simple). So Nick moved the dots off the face of the card and put them onto the border.

The end result is yet again better than our original idea!

(print preview – before printing and cutting – of our re-designed, re-design. Note how the dots are quite inconspicuous compared to earlier attempts!)

Nick suggested keeping the dots the same colour for the other suits – so instead of black and white dots on the hearts (red) diamonds (blue) and clubs (green) we use red/white, blue/white and green/white combinations. We must admit, these cards are looking like the best yet, so how to implement these changes?

Well, if we go down this route, the first thing to do will be to flash the RGB different colours, to work out what colour the border is. Once we know the colour of the border, we simply flash the RGB a complimentary colour to read the dots. Since the dots are white, we’d expect them to reflect all colours of light. But if we’re flashing, say, a green LED onto a red card, the red dots on the red border would “appear” black (they would not reflect the LED light).

It’s a little bit more complicated than our original idea – but not by much.
And the final result – the finished cards – look a hundred times better than our first efforts, so it’ll be worth the extra effort!