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MozFest 2015

A group of us from BuildBrighton had a fun weekend at MozFest learning about the open web, Raspberry Pis and other cool tech.

Mini Maker Faire

We had a buzzing stall at the Brighton Mini Maker this year, with the Nao robot doing tai-chi next to Paul’s 3D printer, that was busily working away….

Glastonbury Festival 2015

The elephant robot was back at Glastonbury Festival this year with BuildBrighton members Jan and Poppy.

A4 frame for eurocard sized PCB silkscreen printing

Thanks again to Andy at who emailed with some more advice about our miniature silkscreen idea. Below is an abridged copy of his email:The size thing…To get good results you need to have sufficient room on screen to load it with e…

Controller for UV exposure box for PCB screen printing

While it was really tempting to just chuck some LEDs onto a bit of veroboard and just plug it in (ok, we did exactly that) we’ve since decided that it needs a bit of time and effort spending on it. While we’ve got a board full of LEDs that lights up wh…

Exposing UV silkscreen for PCB printing

Andy from kindly offered some help with our silkscreen idea. He sent some diagrams to explain why exposing UV emulsion on a silkscreen is better done from a distance and not from the minimum distance required, based on the lens angle of…

Computer Science and Religion

I have said that computer science is a lot like magic. And it is really good that it is like magic, because there is also a bad part in computer science that is a lot like religion.

— Harold Ableson (1985)

Making a small cheap UV exposure box

It seems that we spend most of our time planning things while we wait for stuff to arrive for an earlier project. That’s certainly the case now, as we’re waiting for some silkscreen mesh to arrive to try out our miniature silkscreen for printing PCBs i…

Making a small silkscreen frame

We battled with this one for a while – trying to decide on the best/easiest layout for silkscreen printing. In our previous post, the video shows “traditional” silkscreen printing, with a large screen and plenty of workshop space.We’re trying for small…

Preparing for small scale production of PCBs

For a number of years, we’ve been thinking about the future of production and manufacturing. While everyone else seems to be “scaling up” and embracing globalisation, perhaps we’re been a little perverse in going the other way. Or maybe we’re just “ahe…