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We are an enthusiastic group of makers working on individual projects, from toys to wind turbines, and collaborating on bigger builds such as robots and a filament extruder for 3D printers. So if you like making things come along on Thursday evenings and find out how to get involved. You don’t have to have particular skills. Some members bring LEGO, knitting and wacky inventions, so (almost) anything goes. We’re in the Rodhus building, which has a bright mural on Hollingdean Road, but our entrance is through the metal shutters round the back, on Freehold Terrace.


Our Blog

RSA Ours to Master Report

The RSA have published an interesting report on makerspaces, featuring a case study of Build Brighton plus other schemes around the country. It looks at the population’s changing attitudes towards Capitalism and shows that makerspaces have an opportunity to help... read more

Mini Maker Faire

We had a buzzing stall at the Brighton Mini Maker this year, with the Nao robot doing tai-chi next to Paul’s 3D printer, that was busily working away. Here’s a video of a boy’s fascination after the Nao had fallen over, it gets up on it’s... read more