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We are an enthusiastic group of makers working on individual projects, from toys to wind turbines, and collaborating on bigger builds such as robots and a filament extruder for 3D printers. So if you like making things come along on Thursday evenings and find out how to get involved. You don’t have to have particular skills. Some members bring LEGO, knitting and wacky inventions, so (almost) anything goes. We’re in the Rodhus building, which has a bright mural on Hollingdean Road, but our entrance is through the metal shutters round the back, on Freehold Terrace.


Our Blog

Making a small silkscreen frame

We battled with this one for a while – trying to decide on the best/easiest layout for silkscreen printing. In our previous post, the video shows “traditional” silkscreen printing, with a large screen and plenty of workshop space.We’re trying for small…

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Preparing for small scale production of PCBs

For a number of years, we’ve been thinking about the future of production and manufacturing. While everyone else seems to be “scaling up” and embracing globalisation, perhaps we’re been a little perverse in going the other way. Or maybe we’re just “ahe…

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Nail varnish as solder resist

We’ve been doing a lot of trying things out lately, and not a lot of actually getting much done. But sometimes that’s ok, if only to satisfy your own curiosity. One thing that’s been bugging me is how close we got to making some really useful pcbs with…

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Press-n-Peel for the win! PnP FTW

We went crazy today and splashed out on a new laser printer. The big old Xerox is getting costly to keep buying consumables for, so we got a cheap, compact Brother HL2130 from PC World.Yup, it was extravagant. Yes, we could have got one cheap…

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Laser etching PCBs update. Don’t bother!

We’ve made about half a dozen different PCBs using our laser etching and laser cutting methods for creating the etch-resistant mask. And while creating the actual mask is relatively straightforward – compared with press-n-peel or exposing photo-sensiti…

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Etching PCB resist with an LS3020 laser cutter

This time we tried making a PCB with no “filled plane” between traces. Normally we flood fill all the spaces between traces, just so that the ferric doesn’t have as much exposed copper to etch away. But out of interest, we made up a PCB with no ground …

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