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We are an enthusiastic group of makers working on individual projects, from toys to wind turbines, and collaborating on bigger builds such as robots and a filament extruder for 3D printers. So if you like making things come along on Thursday evenings and find out how to get involved. You don’t have to have particular skills. Some members bring LEGO, knitting and wacky inventions, so (almost) anything goes. We’re in the Rodhus building, which has a bright mural on Hollingdean Road, but our entrance is through the metal shutters round the back, on Freehold Terrace.


Our Blog

Meet the sponsors: Create

Brighton Mini Maker Faire is only made possible by the community of visitors, volunteers, makers and sponsors that support us. We’re particularly grateful to our early-stage sponsors; people who enable us to do important things like securing a venue, which … Continue reading

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A Real Code Retreat

A real code retreat would be a month of slow hacking + tea brewing. No one would speak. We’d lake swim. We’d delete all the code at the end.— Alex McLean (@yaxu) March 25, 2013

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ARPIE – Arduino based MIDI arpeggiator kit

Since I made my first Arduino-powered MIDI arpeggiator a couple of years back I have been meaning (and promising) to get a kit together so others can build their own. Today I listed my first “fundraiser” on Tindie. Hopefully that will raise enough cash…

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Soldering fail

Our laser-cut pcbs were certainly quicker to make than using laser-etching (we converted the pcb image to vector and cut out from around the traces rather than using the laser to etch a rasterized bitmap image) and the ferric chloride made a great job …

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Contact etching pcbs with lasered paint mask

It’s cold and wet and the nerd cupboard seems such a long way away, and we’ve a pcb here that needs etching. Making up a batch of ferric seems like a bad idea, and storing it in the house could be a pain. What to do?On one of the instructables pages, s…

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