I managed to get the little Jansen style walker up and running on radio control. Probably overloaded the central supports with a huge 5 cell AA Nicad pack, and 7 channel Rx… and indeed it did “realign” the gears, which caused a bit of skipping. However the point of the exercise was to see if it would take a radio signal, and it does. If it takes a radio signal it means I wan swap in an Arduino and use the PWM channel.

On another tack I nipped down to #buildbrighton last  Thursday and with Adam’s help disassembled a Dalek voice changer helmet, and stuck the sound circuitry into the head of our “real” Dalek.
It works after a fashion, and flashes the dome lights too.
Once I’ve done the hard work building the neck section, I’ll strat wiring stuff up properly.