well it’s taken a long time.. but I’ve finally got round to fixing things. I dallied briefly with the old heavyweight carrot, and ran it in the FRA championship, and remembered why I enjoyed playing with feathers so much. They are small and easy to carry, don’t hurt your back or your wallet so much.
So my big problem was getting the time to visit Plumpton, my old college to machine up some new bushes.. so I asked the FRA forum, and Trev Wright came up trumps, and has machined me some lovely little bushes. In the mean time, I’ve looked at the power problem and procured some slightly meatier batteries Sayno RC2400, 24v… and squeezed a set of curtis 70 amp controllers into the frame.. which to be honest is a lot less messy than the old electronise with all the relay cabling.
So I have to fit the bushes now and reassemble the drive trains, and then go for a bit of a test.