Got this tweet from @aleksk “Can any comm mgrs explain? RT @: On Facebook u only have Like button, no unlike. On Twitter u have a Retweet, but no discard tweet.”

Am I reading this right I cant unlike or delete comments or content on Twitter and Facebook

I believe that I can and should be able to remove content from my social media as shown below

Discard tweet or delete it

Click the area marked when viewing your tweets when using the Twitter Website Your twitter app should have a delete option, you just need to find it.

Unlike a Facebook page

As you see this Facebook page shown about Tim Robbins which is waiting to be liked. Once you clicked the Like button it will vanish but you can unlike it as shown in the larger picture below. 

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You just need to click the link shown in the marked red area and you will unlike the page and it will go back to it’s original state.

I do agree that there is no Unlike button on Facebook; this functionally has been well spammed on Facebook but there is a Unlike link as shown above.

In some cases it seems hard to find the method needed to remove or unlike content from our social media but as in life we should explore our space and the space of others and always provide the functionally to say “I don’t like this!”

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