The RSA have published an interesting report on makerspaces, featuring a case study of Build Brighton plus other schemes around the country. It looks at the population’s changing attitudes towards Capitalism and shows that makerspaces have an opportunity to help prototype new ways of living based on making rather consuming.

The RSA looks at the opportunities and possible drawbacks associated with the rise of digital technology, it could “strengthen or weaken people’s power to create. By this we mean the ability to turn our ideas into reality and in doing 
so become the authors of our own lives. In short: do we have technology, or does technology have us?”

According to their research “1% currently use a makerspace/hackspace, but an additional 24% say they would be interested in doing so.” (from an RSA/YouGov survey of 2,034 adults)

The report also identifies some of the possible ‘fault lines’ that makerspaces face. They say “Critically, our measure of success should not just be whether makerspaces survive and grow in number, but rather whether they can do so while retaining their ethos.”

For the full report click here.