I have always been curious about the Axis Controllers and their unusual key layout, particularly as this ‘harmonic table’ layout is intended to make chord structures simpler and easier to understand. I wondered what it would be like to play one and thought, hey, maybe I could do it on my Novation Launchpad..!

The first problem is that the Axis has a staggered honeycomb of a hexagonal keys where the Launchpad is a square 8×8 grid. I thought the notes might translate better if the Launchpad was held at 45 degress, but eventually decided to keep it simple.

Here is the key layout I ended up with…

The code is based on some earlier Launchpad MIDI projects. It is Visual C++ / Windows API code which simply receives input from the pad, sends MIDI to light up the buttons and outputs a MIDI stream to Reason (which actually makes the sounds). I used the wonderful Midi Yoke utility from Midi-OX which lets you transmit MIDI from one Windows application and use that stream as input to another (without that I would need to implement a Windows Midi Input device)

I am gathering all my recent Launchpad experiments into a single app which I will post for download together with source code some time soon. Watch this space.

edit: get it here http://sites.google.com/site/skriyl/Home/launchpad-playpad-download