The Night Before Brighton Mini Maker Faire

As the buzz builds ahead of tomorrow’s Mini Maker Faire, we thought we’d share some of the excitement that’s bouncing around online. To say that people are a bit giddy would be an understatement!

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Weird and wonderful inventions on display | Meridian – ITV NewsThe start of this weekend’s Mini-Maker Fair in Brighton heralds the arrival of some of the weirdest and wonderful new inventions to be cr…
Evidence of a heroic all-nighter on the laser-cutter by @talkingjazz for @MakerFaireBTN. Way cool maker lanyards Faire Brighton
RT @MalcolmNapier1: 3d2ring #3dprint at #bmmf. We have nearly got something to print on Saturday. More details at h …alan cocks
@MakerFaireBTN Somewhere is this box is a #RaspberryPi ready for some computer vision @ #bmmf on the #BrightonPi stand Hills
Tomorrow is the Brighton Mini Maker Faire Sat 8 September. Free event with activities for all ages @MakerFaireBTN #bmmfBrightonHoveCouncil
Discover the science behind hot air balloons and make your own with us @MakerFaireBTN in Brighton on Saturday #bmmfScience Museum
Create will be at Brighton Mini Maker Faire tomorrow, helping you get your site started – when we’re not playing with robots, that is #bmmfcreate.
RT @andrewsleigh: It’s @bbcsussex’s @dannypike on the Scalexercise, breaking a sweat for @MakerFaireBTN Sussex
Alright gang! Who’s going to Brighton Mini Maker faire tomorrow? Hands up!
@MakerFaireBTN packed and ready to set up #BMMF
The Hackspace Big Band will perform this Saturday at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire. Come and say hi! Hack Space
OH: "It’s like Christmas with soldering irons" @meeware on the pre #bmmf excitementMaker Faire Brighton
Etch a sketch with me @MakerFaireBTN #bmmfChanchala
Cameras going to Brighton Maker Faire. #bmmf Livingston