This blog wasn’t always here.
It started as a frontpage site, on freeserve, then moved to geocities where it got a swanky update when I learned how to use Dreamweaver 2…
Blogging wasn’t even called blogging back then, but performed the same function.
The problem with migrating it was the images didn’t make the transfer very well.
I had an hour to spare this evening so went through the html and matched up images back to 5-6-2002.
The posts go back a fair bit further, and I’ll add some more images when I have a little more time.

What prompted this spurt of enthusiasm? Well, I got fed up with looking at the old Dalek that has been cluttering up my basement for 10 years, and decided to have a bash at finishing it. I tried to find some pics to post to the Dalek forum, but couldn’t find any…but did find a backup of “robotweb”
I’ve stuck all the very tiny images (these are from the days of 56k modems) up on a picasa album:


I’ll keep an update on the Dalek here too.