After making a complete cock-up of the earlier 16×8 word clock (made from two massive 8×8 LED matrices), we’ve had to revise the layout.

Here’s the PCB for the LED face.
Since we’re going to be connecting the 40-pin PIC microcontroller via some IDE ribbon cable, joining which pins on the connector to which pins on the LED board(s) isn’t really that important – we just need to make sure all the pins from the boards are routed to some kind of ribbon connector:

Clock 8×8 v2

But since the pins for the rows and columns are all over the place, and we’ve just connected them any-old-how to the ribbon connector, we need some kind of look-up table:

The PCB for the PIC simply puts all the output pins to 0.1″ pitched holes on the board.
So all we need to do is wire up the pins on the 24-way clock board connector to the appropriate pins on the PIC, following the table above.

That’s the theory anyway.
Whether or not it actually works is another question…….