We have two workshops running during the 2015 Brighton Science Festival.

7th Feb 2015 – Cobra Coding, make a game with Arduino! Buy Tickets
21st Feb 2015 – Introduction to Electronics with the Arduino Buy Tickets

Cobra Coding, 7th Feb 2015

£75 per person, including a take-home Arduino, Gamby, and battery pack.

Using a take-home Arduino + Gamby kit, this workshop will cover the basics of programming – and you will take home a working snake game console and the knowledge to write your own games!

Build Brighton will provide a pre-made kit for this purpose (though if you’d like to make your own, please get in touch).

The workshop will cover:

* Setting up the Arduino environment on your laptop
* Basics of programming – loops, variables, functions
* Sending text to the Gamby screen
* Reading input from the Gamby control buttons and joystick
* Making sound
* And of course, wiring all this together to make a snake game!

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Introduction to Electronics with Arduino

£75 per person, including a take home Arduino and box full of prototyping components (worth £40). Suitable for ages 12+. Parental guidance may be required for younger participants.

The perfect way to get started with electronics prototyping and programming with Build Brighton. Includes a kit full of electronic components and an Arduino compatible board.

The Arduino is an open source circuit board that has revolutionised electronics prototyping and brought micro controller programming to the masses. It’s a wonderful open source project and it’s now the de facto standard for anyone wanted to design and build their own electronic devices.

This workshop will introduce the most common electronics components, LED lights, switches, sensors, motors, displays, and show you how to program them with the Arduino . Included in the workshop course is a goody box worth £40 bulging with everything you’ll need for the workshop exercises and much more. In addition to a large selection of basic electronic components you’ll receive an Arduino UNO compatible board, a breadboarding kit, a servo, LEDs, switches, sensors and more!

We’ll get you started on your way by walking you through building a series of introductory projects and we will demonstrate some of the more advanced things you can do, and we’ll provide online instructions for other projects you can complete at home with your new found skills.

For the workshop you will need to bring a Windows, Mac or Linux laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity. We can provide a limited number of Windows workstations for those without their own computer, but please advise us before the workshop so we can confirm availability. A basic understanding of programming would be helpful.

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